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PADI IDC Gili Islands | Career Development Centre | New Career Options in 2014

The PADI IDC here in the Gili Islands offers the ten days PADI Instructor Development Course in 10 days, with an additional 4 days pre IDC preparation. We operate alongside two of the most established PADI 5 Star IDC centers in the Gili Islands, one of which being the only PADI Career Development Centers in the entire Lombok and Gili region.

The current course is priced at 950 Euro and includes the EFRI course. Of course Instructor Specialties can be purchased at an additional cost as can the MSDT preparation package.

However over the course of 2014 we are aiming to offer a range of PADI career packages that will help to enhance candidate’s prospects. Working in conjunction with our 5 dive centers across the Gili Islands and our exclusive Komodo livaboard, we will be aiming to develop a series of career enhancing packages including a team teaching certification internship program, allowing PADI Instructors to gain real life experiences whilst building up and acceptable number of student certifications. Of course this can be done in conjunction with a variety of technical diving options, or combined with first-hand experience on board our Komodo livaboard diving some of the best and most challenging conditions available in the world.

Of course these options will not be implemented immediately, as we wish to provide the most beneficial packages for the instructors as possible allowing them to develop the best possible career prospects. However we are fully able to implement a program of this type and for the moment will be offering our combination courses on a strictly personal basis, so if it sound like something you may be interested in contact our PADI Course Director to discuss your personal career option.

We will also be raising the cost of our IDC program during the course of 2014 to reflect the high level of quality and the experience of our PADI Course Director, but we will also be including a range of specialty options aimed at developing your career potential.

If you are interested in our current PADI Career training check out our PADI IDC Indonesia Facebook Page and see past and present candidates in action. If you want so see an actual course being carried out we also have the PADI IDC Indonesia video available on YouTube.

Or check out our PADI Professionals website for more information on our range of professional courses.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Trawangan Dive IDC goes International – October 2013 Indonesia

The October IDC here in The Gili Islands is about to start and we have a group of 6 Instructor candidates from a range of countries.
Firstly we welcome Deris who is from Indonesia and has been working at Blue Marlin Dive Center here in Gili Trawangan. Deris took his divemaster course at Blue Marlin and will be staying on with the company to work as a PADI Instructor. Manon also took her divemaster course with Blue Marlin Dive and hopes to be working here in The Gili Islands after her IDC. Dragos is from Romania and is living in Lombok, where he also trained as a PADI divemaster. After he becomes a PADI Instructor he wishes to work in Indonesia. Julia took her divemaster course in Koh Lanta and has come to Indonesia to take her IDC at Trawangan Dive. Once a PADI Instructor she will stay here in Gili Trawangan to work as a PADI Instructor. Rizwan is Indian and from the Andaman Islands where he has worked for many years. Once qualifies Rizwan will work around the Gili Islands for a while before returning to the Andaman Islands.

It’s great to welcome our candidates from such a diverse range of countries. Not only is it a chance for the candidates to make friends from all over the world it is a chance for them to take the first step in establishing their professional scuba network. Many people who take the IDC stay in touch long after the course has finished and well into their scuba diving careers. Therefore this is a great opportunity for the IDC candidates to increase the social network and learn more about diving in other parts of the world.

We here at Trawangan Dive would like give a huge welcome to our 6 new Instructor candidates.

If you wish to find out more about our professional PADI courses check out our GoPro website, or simply download our Full IDCInformation Pack (PDF).

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail TheTrawangan Dive IDC Team Indonesia.
We can also be found at our GoPro website at, or can be followed through our Facebook Fan Page.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Go Pro in the Gili Islands with Trawangan Dive - Gili IDC - Instructor Development Course (IDC) Indonesia


If you’re looking to take a professional PADI dive program than Trawangan Dive is now the place to do it. Trawangan Dive has long been one of the few PADI 5 star dive centers in The Gili Islands, Indonesia. During 2013 we have set out improving all of our professional level courses and programs, so as to set ourselves above the rest; providing professional level training over and above that required within industry.

Our dive master program is run alongside our regular daily diving schedule allowing divemasters to get first-hand experience of the industry working alongside our seasoned PADI Instructors and dealing directly with our customers. Divemasters will establish their precise role within the provision of modern day recreational dive training and will learn how to play an integral role within a team of highly experienced instructors. We hold regular training workshops allowing divemasters to realize their true potential and unlock a range of newly learnt skills. Any diver wishing to take their divemaster program will be given every opportunity to progress within the dive industry.

Our Instructor Development Course has also been completely revamped over the course of 2013 and again our schedule has been modified in a way to provide some of the best PADI instructors in industry. Over the course of 2013 Trawangan Dive has been reclassified as a PADI Career Development Centre (CDC) meaning that we now provide the highest level of professional dive training available and are pleased to say the only PADI CDC Center in the Lombok region. We have also now employed a two new PADI Course Directors who are not only able to provide the best professional training available, but can also give some great industry advice having worked in a multitude of location around the world bringing prospective instructors the perfect mix of first class training combined with an in-depth knowledge of the recreational dive industry and its expectations. Our MSDT program now offers the full range of specialties and can be tailored to those which you will require for industry in the particular area you will be working.
Check out our PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) Video

Trawangan dive is very proud of all of its achievements over 2013 and would like to thank its entire staff for the continued success in becoming one of the best professional and no professional dive educators in Indonesia.

If you wish to become a fully qualified and highly trained PADI Scuba Diving instructor check out our website at

Or if you wish to see what’s currently happening take a look at our Facebook page on

Of course we are happy to answer any questions you might have. We can be contacted directly through our website or on

then don’t hesitate to contact us on or

Diving in The Gili Islands, Indonesia : Looking to the future


Over the course of 2013 Trawangan Dive as achieved many of its long term goals and has been subsequently rewarded for the efforts. However this opens up a whole new area of potential development for the future.

Although we have already increased the amount of accommodation options available to our guests we have also seen a huge increase in the number guests taking diving programs and therefore our accommodation facilities have followed suite and there is now a need for further expansion. Trawangan Dive will be increasing the amount of onsite luxury bungalows to accommodate our continued popularity.

Although Trawangan Dive provide the full range of recreational dive courses, we have seen an increase in customers asking about technical dive programs and therefore have identified this as an area of potential expansion. Over 2013 we have seen record numbers of recreational divers taking PADI programs and therefore have had seen a slight negative affect on the technical division of the dive center. In the future Trawangan Dive wishes to expand it technical dive division to accommodate those divers wishing to take their training to a new level.

As with the professional level courses we have seen record numbers of divers choosing to take our PADI Divemaster Program here at Trawangan Dive. Throughout 2013 the PADI Divemaster Program has been continuously monitored and we will continue to do so in the future, allowing divemasters in training to receive the latest and most up to date training needs whilst also getting a real life taste of working within one of the busiest and best dive centers in Indonesia.

Our Instructor training facility has gone through a number of changes during 2013; all our training facilities and course content has been overhauled and we have developed a close working relationship with PADI allowing us to make sure instructor candidates are not only kept fully up to date with training updates but also kept fully up to date with the ever changing nature of the industry. We intend to carry on providing the best professional and non-professional training possible making Trawangan Dive the only real choice when it comes to serious scuba diving training.

If you wish to be part of the future of diving with Trawangan Dive contact us on

Friday, 20 September 2013

Diving in The Gili Islands, Indonesia : Trawangan Dive 2013 Achievements

Trawangan Dive is extremely proud of its achievements during 2013. We hosted the Gili Trawangan Finathon Event earlier in the year and managed to raise well over $7500 which we decided to split between the Gili Eco Trust and Project AWARE. The Gili Eco Trust represents the island and runs regular environmental programs. Project AWARE is more concerned with the protection of marine species such as endangered shark species. Due to this and our many other environmental awareness programs we were awarded the classification of 100% AWARE dive center. As a 100% AWARE partner we support a clean, healthy ocean by making a donation on behalf of each student to Project AWARE. All students will receive the Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card and be part of a movement of divers protecting our ocean planet.
One of the founders of Trawangan Dive, Simon Liddiard received an award for his 20 years of commitment and support to the PADI system and its philosophy. Hans Ulrich from PADI Asia Pacific visited Trawangan Dive to present the award and to personally thank Simon, Trawangan Dive and all the staff for their assistance and contribution to PADI and for helping to shape the future of PADI recreational dive training and therefore shaping the quality of training for future divers.
All of our Instructors here at Trawangan Dive have also received awards for excellence in the field of recreational dive training. All were presented with a quartz crystal plaque to represent not only teaching 100 new divers this year but to signify the high level of professionalism which is demonstrated by each and every dive instructor at Trawangan Dive. The Awards were presented by Tony Andrews of PADI Asia Pacific who came to Trawangan Dive to individually present the awards and to congratulate each instructor thanking them for their high level of commitment to the PADI Educational System.
Again this year we received our Trip Advisor “Certificate of excellence”. The Certificate of Excellence award is given to outstanding hospitality businesses that have received praise and recognition in reviews by Trip Advisor travelers. To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on Trip Advisor. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months.
Trawangan Dive is a 5 Star IDC Resort, and has now been awarded the Classification of “Career Development Centre”. There are only 4 CDC Centers in Indonesia and we are the first in the Lombok region. As well as conducting 11 PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC) per year we have 2 PADI Course Directors and a brand new purpose built IDC classroom facility. The PADI Career Development Center (CDC) classification is awarded annually to PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers and Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resorts that dedicate their businesses to professional development beyond regular scuba instructor training and meet the highest requirements for training PADI scuba diving leaders. PADI CDCs offer career-oriented training to prepare scuba diving professionals for employment in the dive industry, as well as offering job placement assistance for program graduates.
So 2013 has been a very eventful year for Trawangan Dive and although we are at the height of professionalism in the industry and there are not many awards of recognition left to obtain we still strive to continue to improve and hope that our future customers continue to have a highly rewarding experience at Trawangan Dive.
We are making every effort to continuously improve upon our already excellent reputation and if your looking to dive or stay with us we are also making every effort to keep our guests fully upto date through our scocial media including our website and the Trawangan Dive Facebook page.

Scuba Diving in The Gili Islands : It’s a family affair at Trawangan Dive

During 2013 Indonesia as a whole has seen more family holiday makers visiting the country and therefore the Gili Islands have become the perfect island getaway. Trawangan Dive has noticed this trend and has therefore upped its game in terms of accommodation needs and scuba diving programs aimed at families with young children.

In terms of accommodation we have always offered the backpacker rooms as well as our luxury chalet style bungalows which are situated on site surrounded by our lush tropical gardens. Over the course of 2013 we have experienced more families with young children and have noticed more families seeking a more tailor made villa style holiday experience, so therefore we have expanded our range of choices in terms of family orientated accommodation rentals. It’s never been easier to book your villa on Gili Trawangan, simply email your details the Trawangan Dive “Exclusive Villas” department ( and give them your details and requirements. The Trawangan Dive accommodation team will do the rest and find you the perfect place to enjoy you vacation with the family.

We have also noticed a huge increase in the numbers of families wishing to take part in diving programs and therefore have taken the necessary steps to ensure families receive the best possible experience and have also built a brand new luxury family villa in the resort directly next to our dive shop allowing families to fully immerse themselves in the dive schedule whilst at the same time to be able to make full use of their beachside villa.

The rise in families taking dive programs and activities has also prompted us to review the facilities available to young divers, and over the course of 2013 we have taken every step to ensure the safety, satisfaction and overall enjoyment of our programs. Our staff have been fully trained in and briefed in the education and care of PADI junior divers. Our facilities have also endured a complete makeover; having retiled our entire onsite training pool and upgraded our range of equipment for children. Trawangan Dive has received multiple trip advisor reviews from families all over the globe and is looking forward to welcoming more families in the coming years. So if you’re looking to take a family vacation and experience the true wonders of our tropical island and our magnificent ocean, the journey starts here.
Check out The Trawangan Dive Web Page of visit The Trawangan Dive Facebook Page!

To book your perfect diving vacation with the family contact

Sunday, 14 July 2013

It's a messy job..

Meet Sian Williams, Trawangan Dive’s very own Éco Warrior’.  Sian came to Trawangan Dive in March 2012 to take part in a 2 week Biorock programme.  Naturally, she fell in love with the Island, the Dive Centre (and the staff).  She also saw Delphine Robbe , (Gili Trawangan’s original Éco Warrior’), struggling to single-handedly maintain the island’s growing Biorock, population, control the marine debris, while keeping the island clean of rubbish, and more recently, being a mum.

Sian made the decision to dedicate her life, (or the next few years of it anyway), to helping with the marine conservation of our tiny island. 

Sian is based out of Trawangan Dive.  She is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, and can also teach the PADI ‘Introduction to Biorock process'speciality.  She dedicates her time to maintaining the Biorocks, running regular beach clean ups, dives against debris, reef check, reef gardening, island clean ups, and generally cleaning up after the thousands of people that pollute Gili Trawangan and the surrounding reefs with non-biodegradable plastic, cigarette butts, glass, flip flops, lighters, light bulbs, fishing line, and fish hooks.

This kind of work usually receives little recognition or thanks, but carries with it a huge amount of frustration and stress.  No sooner have you finished maintaining one Biorock, then another one breaks, or gets unplugged, or is destroyed by a storm.  Moments after one beach clean up has finished, another boat load of people wielding a fresh delivery of cigarettes and plastic bags arrives. While most of us go about our normal day not giving a second though about who will pick up that discarded nappy, or who will spend hours unravelling the kilometres of embedded fishing line from the reefs, it’s people like Sian who dedicate their time to tasks like this.
Sian has developed some eco alternatives for divers interested in conservation, marine ecology or just wanting to give something back to the ocean.  

Introduction to reef gardening – Single dive 470,000rp

  • Learn how to identify broken, overturned live corals that with our help, have a second chance of survival. 
  • Learn how to safely pick up heavy corals and to find suitable substrate to transplant onto for the coral to attach to once overturned and secured.
  • Gain reef conservation skills you can take with you travelling and diving around the world
  • Dive includes all equipment including protective gloves and briefing on identification of corals to focus on and present reef state around the Gilis.

Dive Against Debris - Single dive 400,000rp
  •  Equipped with protective gloves and a mesh debris bag divers will go out in buddy teams to different reefs collecting as much non organic waste as possible.
  • Debris is separated, weighed and recorded onto a Project AWARE debris data sheet to submit to Project AWARE
  • Dive includes protective gloves and mesh bag, briefing and Dive Against Debris ID guide to know what to look for and collect, data sheets to analyse debris data.
Biorock Fundive –Single dive 400,000
  • Learn what a Biorock is whilst diving around the world’s largest concentration of Biorock reef structures.
  • Briefing includes why the Gili islands reefs depend on artificial reef restoration. The basics of what a Biorock is and how it is advantageous to Gili islands tourism, fish populations and reefs. 
  •  Help our volunteers’ check the structures are on, working properly and harbouring the correct corals. 
  •  Bring along your underwater camera and get a picture on our very own Deus motorbike Biorock.
  • Dive includes short briefing on the Biorock technology, how long our Biorocks have been established, the age and condition of each Biorock you will see.
Introduction to the Biorock Process, 1 or 2 day PADI speciality 2,000,000rp
  •  Learn about coral ecology and the importance of coral reefs in the marine environment. The course raises awareness to the state of coral reefs global and the need for awareness and responsible behaviour to protect remaining healthy reefs. 
  •  Divers will also be introduced to the Biorock process and technology and why it is so successful.
  • Take part in training to identify damaged coral reefs, the causes of destruction and the use of Biorock technology for restoration and erosion prevention.
  •  Learn how a Biorock works and why they are more successful than other reef restoration techniques. Will also gain an insight into how they are advantageous in preventing coastal erosion and eco tourism.
  • Gain a PADI Distinctive Speciality certification
  • Course includes 2 dives, at least one around the Biorock structures. The divers will learn to identify species of coral and the status of the corals on reefs and also on Biorock structures to compare. You will also learn how to recognize coral bleaching, disease and predation with underwater identification slates, whilst gaining a PADI speciality certification.
Email for more information.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Getting Technical

TDI Instructor Adam Baxter with Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures students Jamie Rowe and George Drain
This year Trawangan Dive has been getting technical, offering a full range of tec diving programs. Our customers have been able to break the recreational limits of diving and explore the deeper walls and untouched reefs around the Gili Islands and the coast of Lombok.  Takat Tunang is just one example, with walls reaching depths of over 150m.  This dive site boasts some of the most pristine corals and biggest schools of pelagic fish in the region.  

Other keen explorers have been lucky enough to dive the Japanese Wreck, a WWII Japanese patrol boat believed to have been scuttled in 1945.  At about 20m long and 7m wide, it remains in good condition lying at 45m off the coast of Lombok.  Trawangan Dive Director, Simon Liddiard, spent over a month looking for the wreck and has kept the location of the dive site a secret.  Trawangan Dive is one of the only dive centres with the coordinates.

Not just for grown ups.
You don’t have to be ‘technically minded’ to be a technical diver so don’t be put off by the name.  Children as young as twelve can participate in the PADI Enriched Air Diver specialty.  You can even use Nitrox on your PADI Open Water Course.  It’s as easy as that!  Being an Enriched Air Diver allows divers to increase no stop (no decompression) dive time using blends of up to 40% oxygen.
From as young as fifteen years of age, you can continue your technical training with the TDI Advance Nitrox Diver Course.  To complete this course you must already hold your Nitrox Diver certificate and have proof that you have done at least 25 logged open water dives.  

The objective of this course is to teach the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for using enriched air all the way up to 100% oxygen.  Upon successful completion of this course, blends of oxygen from 40 through to 100% for optimal mixes to a maximum depth of 40m can be used.  

Tec students George and Jamie getting familiar with twin tanks
Want to break the limits?
Sorry kids – you need to be at least eighteen years of age to participate in the TDI Decompression Procedures course.  You also need to need to be an Advanced Diver, but you still only need to have 25 logged dives.

By the end of this course, you will be able to plan and conduct a staged decompression dive not exceeding a maximum depth of 45m.  Upon successful completion of the course divers can engage in decompression diving activities.

We love recycling so much – we’re even recycling air!
Trawangan Dive has seen a huge influx of rebreather divers this year, which is no great surprise since the three Directors of Trawangan Dive are all keen rebreather owners and enthusiasts.  

Also boasting a climate controlled tec room, Trawangan Dive is the obvious choice if you’re bringing your expensive equipment to the island and want to store it safely.

Ida, Patrick and Ganesh returning from a dusk dive on their rebreathers

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